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01553 279329
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Our Address:
JS Motorcycles Ltd
Beveridge way, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. PE30 4NB
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 6pm
Weekends 9am to 4pm

About Us

Car Repairs / MOT

JS Motorcycles is based in King’s Lynn and has been providing specialist high quality motorcycle servicing for over 15 years. As a family run business and active

motorcycle user we believe that we have a real synergy with our customers which has helped us to build an excellent reputation for assisting them to care for their prized two wheeled possessions.

We are equally proud of our skills in providing first class workmanship to ensure that our customer’s bikes are maintained in the best possible condition so that they are consistantly reliable and can be enjoyed to their maximum performance levels.

Mechanics at JS Motorcycles have a wide range of knowledge and experience having worked on the majority of motorcycle models in Britain today. However the company prides itself on working with Ducati and BMW models and has been involved with professional race teams using high performance vehicles.

Our fully equipped workshop has all the latest diagnostic equipment and our skilled mechanics will ensure that your bike is in safe hands.

By popular demand from our motor cycle owners we have recently introduced a MOT / repair centre for motor cars – a one stop shop for your entire vehicle servicing needs!

Call us today on 01553 279329




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